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Our knowledge base is a growing catalog of training and information designed to expand your knowledge of charitable and nonprofit operations, leadership, and funding. 
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Nonprofit Finance and Operations

Understanding the “numbers” can be a challenge for may leaders, including leaders of nonprofit organizations. These lessons were written to help improve your understanding of — and ability to manage — the financial landscape for your organization. Collectively, the lessons cover very practical issues and challenges in nonprofit finance, and includes essential budget and financial lessons to help you become familiar with these important documents.

Charitable and Nonprofit Funding

Whether your nonprofit organization is newly formed or firmly established, growth and development is a continuous process that relies on adequate funding. Given the growth-rate for the nonprofit sector and the fierce competition for traditional funding, it is more important than ever for nonprofit founders and organizational leaders to understand where the money is, and how to get it.  The lessons below offer a great starting point!

Nonprofit Leadership

Leading a nonprofit organization is not for the faint at heart. It takes knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, implement, and sustain programs. The lessons in this category cover the fundamentals of nonprofit leadership and describes the clear roles and responsibilities of nonprofit board members. 
Nonprofit compliance laws are put in place on the state and federal level to protect the public and ensure nonprofit organizations do not abuse their financial advantages. The most notable advantages include exemption from federal and state taxes, and access to grants. The lessons in this category provide an overview of state and federal compliance information that most nonprofit organizations must abide by. 
Information covered in these lessons are not intended to be legal advice. It is best to seek the advice of an attorney for your specific legal questions. There are many pro-bono legal services available throughout the United States.

Nonprofit Resources

Learn and connect to key industry websites for dozens of free and low cost services and tools to help you grow and sustain your organization.

Starting and Running a Nonprofit

With so many nonprofits being established every month, it’s pretty easy to feel like you are lost in the shuffle and without support. Lessons in this category are designed to help you understand what is involved in forming and running a nonprofit; as well as options for carrying out your charitable mission without establishing a nonprofit.

Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is important because it helps organizational leaders focus on their intended direction and outlines measurable goals. Strategic planning is also useful for decision-making and evaluating progress over time. The lessons in this category are designed to aid nonprofit founders and leaders in their strategic planning efforts.

Popular Training

We offer growing library of training classes that are LIVE and On-Demand.  Each training was designed with 1 goal in mind:  To help the new and small nonprofits position themselves for funding and sustainability.  

How to Start a Nonprofit

There are specific requirements for starting a nonprofit (tax exempt) organization in every state. Learn what is required of you to start a nonprofit - and - remain compliant.

21 Ways to Fund A Nonprofit

Engage in a lively discussion where you'll learn about 21 proven nonprofit funding models that are being used everyday. Also hear the pros & cons to consider before deciding on a model.

Nonprofit Essentials 101

Attend this class and learn what new nonprofit leaders should be doing in the 1st 12 months to be compliant, build an effective board, secure volunteers, and develop a quarterly plan for funding, growth, and sustainability!

The Art of Grant Writing

This "Zero-Fluff" training provides very specific guidance for completing a solid grant proposal, section by section - with examples that you can actually use. Your proposal also serves as your template for grant-applications. EVERY nonprofit should have one!

What Great Nonprofits Do To Succeed!

Have you ever wondered why some nonprofits succeed and others do not? There is a science to success - even for nonprofits. Attend this workshop and learn what to do in 90 days to jump-start your nonprofit and become "future-proof."

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Most nonprofit founders are not independently wealthy.  Instead, if you are like most of the founders that we’ve worked with, you are likely exploring options to leave your current job (or you have already left), and you are looking for an affordable way to learn what you need to learn so that you can get funded and further your mission.

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