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Cheryl Smith

Dewlyn Founder & CEO

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Becoming Grant-Ready in 90 Days

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Becoming Grant-Ready is the process of positioning and preparing your organization to apply for and receive grant funding. This process involves a series of deliberate steps over a period of time. The good news is, it doesn’t require a long period of time to become ready to apply for grant funding from foundations and corporations. If fact, many of the activities that we discuss in this training can be done within a few hours to a few weeks!

Would you like to improve your odds of winning grants? This class will give you a sneak peak at what funders look for when reviewing your funding request. Learn 12 things that you can do in 15 – 30 days to polish and brand your organization so that you are positioned and ready for funding. You don’t want to miss this!

At the conclusion of this course, it is our sincere hope that you feel inspired to lead the organization that you’ve always dreamed that you would one day lead. You have everything it takes to succeed. This course is just your reminder! 🙂

Onward & Upward!

This training covers the following activities that are associated with becoming grant-ready:

  • Level 1:  Activities that are “On Par” with other nonprofits
  • Level 2:  Activities that set your organization “Above Par”
  • Level 3:  “Proactive” planning activities
  • Level 4:  “Productive” activities that produce positive results.

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