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Academy Membership Benefits

Here’s how we can help: When you join the Community Heroes Academy, we’ll provide you with 12 weeks of training, resources, and support that includes LIVE coaching to help you position your charitable program for funding and sustainability.  As an Academy member, you can also APPLY for up to $1,000 to further your charitable mission!


We can help you understand things in the nonprofit sector that you wouldn’t even know to ask! Access a growing catalog of LIVE and On Demand Webinars immediately after joining!


Who has time to sit around an answer question after question from pre-start-up or small nonprofits?  WE DO!  Become an Academy member and join us on Wednesdays for LIVE Q&A Community Cafe sessions.


We KNOW that it will cost you time and money searching for resources – including forms and templates.  Academy membership INCLUDES downloadable forms that can be customized! 


Did you ever wish for an expert to help you navigate nonprofit compliance, board development, or even funding proposals?  Academy members participate in hands on coaching each quarter – on these very topics.

Grant Opportunities

All nonprofits need funding to sustain their program. Academy members can apply for up to $1,000 from us – and – we help Academy members identify and apply for other funding sources too! 


Looking for a group of like-minded people to interact with?  Academy members network with each other each week online and offline to get things done!  

Live Webinars and On-Demand Training

Invest in yourself to improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities, because you are worth the investment! We offer a comprehensive list of training topics that are delivered via LIVE webinar, where you join us from your convenient location.  Can’t attend LIVE trainings? No problem! Our members can access these same training webinars on-demand (at a time and place of your choosing). So, don’t miss out! Our trainings are no-fluff and packed with valuable information to help you reach your charitable goals.

Grant Opportunties

We are committed to improving social good by helping our members with mini-awards of up to $1,000 cash to further a social cause or nonprofit project while also promoting the Community Heroes Program as your sponsor. You do not have to be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to apply for this sponsorship funding.  In addition, all members receive our monthly Community Heroes Newsletter which provides a list of funding alerts from dozens of other charitable funders that you may be eligible for.

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles are quarterly guidance sessions where our Academy members gather to receive live step by step tutorials to help them build or sustain a program, project, or event that advances social good. Coaching topics include: forming your nonprofit correctly, writing a 2-page funding request, paying yourself or board members, doing business in other states, developing an effective board, creating a strategic plan, and many other “how-to” topics.
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Community Cafe

The Community Heroes Café is a virtual gathering where Academy members are invited to join and share their most pressing nonprofit questions.  The Café concept is based on the World Cafe Model.  This discussion model is designed to spark meaningful conversations and questions that result in a pollination of ideas and direct answers from the group and from your expert Cafe host. 

Forms and Templates

Academy members have access to forms and templates which will save  hours of research and writing or paying for these documents online.  Available templates include: Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, Non-Discrimination Policy, Risk Management Policies, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Volunteer Agreement, Charitable Donation Receipt, Board Forms, Proposal examples, and more!

Access Amazing Resources Now!

We are collecting information on the needs of small nonprofits in America. We’d love your feedback! As a small gift of thanks, we have developed a 10-page Amazing Resource Guide that we’d like to share with you – just for completing the survey.

Some of these resources are so juicy – we have NEVER shared them before!

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