The Community Heroes Award

We are committed to improving social good by helping individuals, groups, and organizations that share this mission. This $1,000 opportunity is for those of you who are out there, on the ground, doing the hard work, reaching those in need, and changing the world around you in positive and meaningful way. We will be awarding new sponsorships and grants each month until December 31, 2020.

The October Heroes Award window has closed.

November applications are now being accepted.

Award notifications (for October applicants) will be sent mid-November.  If your application is not selected in the October round, it will automatically roll over for consideration in the November round.  Remember, you do not have to be a nonprofit or a grant-writer.  We are looking for Community Heroes Academy Members that are contributing to social good.  So, speak from the heart! * You must be an Academy Member to apply!

Community Heroes Award Winners

$1,000 Award Recipient 

Little Hands, Big Hearts Little People’s Service Organization.   Website

$500 Award Recipient 

Helping Hands Community Foundation.  Website

$500 Award Recipient 

Hands of Hope Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation. Website

$1,000 Award Recipient 

Heart N Hands, Inc. Website.  Follow Heart N Hands on Facebook!

$500 Award Recipient 

S.W.A.T. Foundation.  Website. Follow S.W.A.T. on Facebook!

The Giving Grace Foundation

$500 Award Recipient 

The Giving Grace. Website.

Divine Transformation

Free Academy Membership!

The JEMS Project, Inc.
$1,000 Award Recipient (September 2020)

The JEMS Project, Inc. Logo and Facebook coming soon!

$1,000 Award Recipient (October 2020)


$1,000 Award Recipient (November 2020)


Apply for up to $1,000

We Promote Social Impact

Positive social impact is created from an activity, project, program or policy.  Are you using your talents or expertise to help people, the community, the economy, or the environment? If you are doing something in your professional life that makes the world a better place, then you are a community hero and we want to hear from you!

Who’s Eligible?

Community heroes are regular people, groups, organizations, or businesses that are contributing to social good in a positive and measurable way. * Applicants must be Academy Members to apply.

What we fund

We fund start-ups and existing programs/projects that further social good. Tell us how you are promoting social good and how we can help!

Scholarship or Grant?

Both! Grants are given to help community heroes fund a program or charitable event. Must be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to receive a grant. Sponsorships are offered to help you fund a program or event while also promoting the Community Heroes Program as your sponsor. You do not have to be a nonprofit to apply for sponsorship cash.


Before applying for funding, please review the Frequently Asked Questions for this award program.

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