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Community Heroes Academy

The Community Heroes Academy is a program of Dewlyn Nonprofit Services that helps charitable programs position their organizations for funding through coaching and training.  Our chief aim is to increase social good by helping the people that help people in communities across North America. 

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Discovery (Annual) $180.00 per Year. Select
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Membership Descriptions

And most frequent questions and answers

The Lite Membership is FREE and includes the following benefits:

  • Access to complimentary webinars.
  • Get Community Heroes Funding Alerts!

Become a Discovery Member for an investment of $15 per month or $180 per year. Membership includes the following benefits:

  • On-Demand Webinars.  Access to all on-demand webinars along with updates and new webinars added throughout the year.  ($455 value)
  • Heroes Award. Access to the Heroes Award Application, where members can apply for $1,000 on Giving Tuesday! ($1,000 opportunity)
  • IRS 990-N.  Get 50% off of IRS 990N filing, where our tax preparer will file your IRS 990N for you for $45. ($90 value)

Total value of a Discovery is $1,545

Become a Discovery Plus Member for an investment is $55 per month or $660 per year.  Membership includes the following benefits:

Access to:

  • On-Demand Webinars.  On-demand webinars along with updates and new webinars added throughout the year.  ($455 value)
  • Pathways.  Webinars and bonus reading materials are organized in progressive order for learning continuity.
  • Heroes Award. Access to the Heroes Award Application, where members can apply for $1,000 for Giving Tuesday. ($1,000 opportunity)
  • IRS 990-N.  Free IRS 990N filing, where our tax preparer will file your IRS 990N for you at no cost. ($90 value)
  • Nonprofit Forms & Templates. Access to our nonprofit bank of forms and templates to run your business and apply for grants. ($1,500 value)
  • Archives. Access to our Archived Newsletters, which are loaded with funding opportunities.
  • LIVE Coaching. Receive free expert coaching and support in our LIVE weekly Community Cafe coaching group. ($540 monthly value).
  • Personal Coaching. Receive 50% off of our one-on-one private coaching fee. Your fee $90 per hour. Everyone else $180 per hour.
  • Master Classes.  Get 50% off of Master Classes.  

Total value of the Discovery Plus Membership is up to $5,100

Meet our CEO

Join Cheryl Smith on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00pm (EST) for an info session where she’ll discuss the Community Heroes program and talk about each membership level.  There’s a bonus for staying with her until the end of the session!

“Supporting the nonprofit community is my purpose.  Community Heroes is my path.  I plan to spend my life with you, creating a better world.”

Our Record

Community Heroes is a social enterprise program of Dewlyn Nonprofit Services which was created last year to help small nonprofits navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic and position themselves for funding and sustainability. 

Over the last 12 months, more than 2,100 organizations across the country have joined the program. And (collectively) our members have visited our platform over 250,000 times for coaching and training!

View a few of our members & testimonials here!


 Meet Gayla D’Hollosy, Founder and CEO for Seeds Multiplied, Inc. In this short video, Gayla shares her experience working with Cheryl Smith and the Community Heroes Program to establish a nonprofit where she can contribute her gifts to help others fulfill their purpose in life.   

Very inspiring!


Membership frequent questions and answers

The Heroes Award is a cash sponsorship of up to $1.000 offered to one of our Discovery or Discovery Plus Members for doing amazing charitable work in their community.  This award is given in November on Giving Tuesday!

Memberships do not include free private consultation.  Many times, private consultation involves helping you to identify a plan of action for solving the issue or accomplishing your charitable goal(s).  

  • Discovery Plus members can join us during our Community Café sessions which are held (3 out of 4) Wednesdays.  During these sessions, Cheryl and/or one of our expert partners deliver coaching and answer member questions concerning nonprofit matters.
  • For private one-on-one consultation, Discovery members receive a 50% discount off of our current consultation rates. 

Community Heroes Pathways are connected e-learning webinars and learning materials that allow Discovery Plus members to build knowledge progressively for a particular goal. Pathways take the guesswork out of which webinars are best for your goal, and in what order you should view them in.  Best of all, pathways include weekly live coaching and opportunities to network with others as you develop new skills along the way!

  1. NEO (New and Emerging Organizations): This Pathway is recommended for anyone considering starting a nonprofit or for newly formed nonprofits that are under a year old.
  2. P2P (Path to Profit): This Pathway is recommended for nonprofit leaders that are centrally focused on positioning their small to mid-sized organization for funding.
  3. “BEST” (Business Enhancement through Support and Training). This Pathway combines the best of the NEO and P2P Pathways, with a focus on starting, sustaining, and funding a nonprofit.

Yes! As a Discovery Plus member, you’ll have access to ALL of our On-Demand e-learning webinars and materials. You can access On-Demand webinars anytime, day or night!

The Pathways are just an added benefit that will help you to stay focused on your goal.

*Discovery Members have access to all On-Demand webinars listed on our public website!

Yes, definitely!  When you join the Discovery Plus program, we’ll show you how – step by step! 🙂  Once you are “ready” to apply for funding, you’ll submit applications to mission-aligned funders.  Each funder has their own deadlines and schedules for review.  While there are funders that will review your grant application within 30 days, most funders only review grant applications 2 to 4 times each year.  

Yes! We send monthly grant alerts covering 9 program areas: Animals, Arts and Culture, Community, Education, Environment, Faith-based, Health, Human Services, and Social Justice. 

  • We do not research grants for a specific organization unless we are engaged in proposal writing.
  • Discovery Plus members are coached on how to specifically identify mission-aligned funders.

Discovery Plus Members have access to forms templates which will save hours of research and writing or paying for these forms online.  The templates are fully customizable. Available templates include:

  • Grant – Proposal Templates
  • Board Documents and Policies
  • Risk Management Policies
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Volunteer Agreement
  • And sooooo much more!

Yes, of course! 🙂

  • Discovery and Discovery Plus members have 24/7 access to all On-Demand webinars offered on our public pages during the term of their membership.
  • Lite members have access to complimentary On-Demand webinars listed on our public pages.
  • Discovery Plus members may access Master-Classes at a discounted rate during their membership with us.

We include grant-writing tips, training alerts, and grant alerts. Community Heroes Newsletters are emailed monthly.  For each grant opportunity, we include the following details (when provided by the funder):

  • The Funder’s name
  • Opportunity deadline
  • Opportunity Amount
  • Funder’s mission or priority causes
  • Where to learn more and apply

Not at all!  We’ve designed Pathways to help you stay focused. Our lessons range from 30 minutes to just under 2 hours, and there’s 12 lessons. So, that’s just 1 lesson per week!  Now, if you are an over-achiever, you can literally finish every lesson in 1 to 4 weeks!  

IMPORTANT: Community Heroes memberships are not a magic elixir.  You (or someone on your team) will have to do the work in order to reap the rewards of funding and sustainability. 🙂

Yes, though we’re not sure why you would!  You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting  

IMPORTANT: Because we provide Discovery and Discovery Plus members with upfront benefits, there are no refunds issued for these membership cancellations – regardless of the date of upgrade or cancellation. You’ll have access to benefits until your paid term is scheduled to end. 

Our Reviews

"Did you know there is a Community Heroes Academy for nonprofits? They meet you where you are, i.e. start up and anywhere along the spectrum. They also award grants to nonprofits enrolled in the Academy!"
Margaret Edinburgh
Founder & CEO of Yellow Rose Strong Oak Society, Inc.
"Thank you to the Community Heroes Team! I had so many unanswered questions and had no real means of support until I learned about your program. Now, I feel supported and I'm finally getting my organization prepared for funding. You've been a real blessing!"
Queala Fitzgerald
Founder and CEO of From Seeds to Harvest
Every so often, a company comes along and shifts an entire industry. That's exactly what Community Heroes is doing for the US Small Nonprofits. The only thing wrong with the membership is that it is priced much too low!
Mercedes Peguero
Founder and CEO of Guardian Angel Social Service Agency, Inc.
"We are so proud to be a positive resource for this program! Cheryl Smith is a trusted and very talented grant-writer and coach! This organization is the only one that we trust with grant-writing and funding guidance!"
Jeannine Hayden
Executive Director, CASA Paulding
"My first grant and many grants after that was because of this company and the work and ethics that Cheryl Smith brings to the nonprofit sector - specially the small nonprofits. Many blessings to this organization and its leadership!"
V. Stevenson
Founder and Executive Director for the House of Globalization, INc.
"I was hesitate to join at first. I wasn't sure if I had time. I am so glad that I did it away! I engage when I have time. And, EVERY TIME I have a coaching session or view a webinar, I learn something new! I used their LOI template and also received a grant!"
Alecia Washington
Founder and Executive Director for City of Hope Safe Haven, Inc.

We help the people that help people!

Meet our CEO

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