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3 Complimentary Webinars

Webinar Descriptions

Select a webinar from the list below. These webinars were developed to help nonprofit founders, board, and leadership understand what’s possible and what you can begin doing right now to put your organization on the road to success.

Have you ever wondered why some nonprofits succeed and others do not? There is a science to success – even for nonprofits.  Complete this webinar and learn the 5 basic principles that the world’s greatest nonprofit organizations already know (and mastered) in order to achieved long-term success and sustainability. Enroll!

Learn which activities you should engage in and complete during your first full year as a nonprofit organization.  This webinar provides step by step, quarter by quarter guidance, filling in gaps in your knowledge about the nonprofit sector (with information you didn’t even know you needed to know)!  Enroll!

During this webinar, you’ll learn:  the difference between a mission and a vision statement; the purpose of mission statements; and we’ll show you the best fill-in-blank template to use to develop your mission statement! Enroll!

Featured Webinars

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Starting a nonprofit can be a wonderful experience for any new founder and board. When you join the nonprofit sector, you are joining a group of people who also want to improve the world in one way or another.  There are also many benefits to legally forming a nonprofit, including potential 501(c)(3) tax-exemption, tax breaks, asset protection, eligibility for grants, and support from volunteers. 

The webinars under this category, provide straight forward guidance on how to establish a nonprofit, how to comply with IRS 990 requirements and which activities will jeopardize your nonprofit tax-exempt status.

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Starting a Nonprofit

Webinar Descriptions

Select a webinar from the list below. Receive 1-year access to the webinar you enroll in!

You will learn the steps needed to start a nonprofit 501(c)(3); the pros and cons involved; how nonprofits are funded; and how to remain compliant on the federal and state level. ($25) Enroll!

Applying for IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exemption can be a challenging and arduous process.   This webinar provides a cost-effective way for new founders to navigate the IRS 1023EZ application process with step by step guidance for each question on the application.  ($45) Enroll!

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit is unique because it is not an entity that can be “owned.” It is exempt from tax on income generating activities that further its mission, and its donors can generally write off charitable contributions.

Learn four activities that may risk your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and what nonprofits can do to avoid jeopardizing this status.  ($25) Enroll!

Starting a nonprofit requires legal documents that include your Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. If you are considering applying for 501(c)(3) tax exemption, we can help by completing your required state incorporation paperwork along with completing your IRS 1023-EZ Streamlined Application for Tax-Exemption.  Best of all, this is not an automated process!  We are real people who are prepared to have a real conversation with you prior to getting started so that you can ask your pressing questions and receive clear answers!  Our Fee is $750 and you can break this fee up into 2 equal payments.  Let’s Get Started!


A nonprofit is a public (usually charitable) organization that does not generate income for shareholders, rather income is generated to further is nonprofit purpose.  Every nonprofit requires income to sustain itself.  We offer pre-recorded webinars that expand your knowledge on how to do that.

Each webinar has been pre-recorded and is unique in its own way, offering you tools that you can use immediately to begin your journey to income and sustainability.  You’ll also have 1-year access once you have enrolled!

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Funding Your Nonprofit

Webinar Descriptions

Select a webinar from the list below. Receive 1-year access to the webinar you enroll in!

Learn 12 concrete things that you can do in about 30 days to polish and brand your organization so that you are positioned and ready for funding!  ($45)  Enroll!

Learn how to develop a grant proposal that includes: Organizational Background, Statement of Need, Target Population, SMART Goals, Outcomes, Sustainability Plan, and Budget. You’ll also learn why proposals are denied and what you can do about it!  ($45) Enroll!

Learn 21 distinct frameworks for generating revenue – from basic fundraising to bartering, social enterprise, grants, government procurement and more. For each revenue opportunity, this straight-forward webinar will provide you with noteworthy considerations and information for implementation. ($45) Enroll!

Learn how to develop a fundraising plan that is simple and painless to plan and implement! Leverage the  80/20 Principal; the 15/15/30 method; and amazing fundraising methods that you can begin using TODAY! ($25) Enroll!

Funding: There’s no limit in supply, there’s only limited thinking. Learn how to identify and apply for grants valued at $100,000 to $1 million dollars.  You’ll also learn what to do before you apply and how much to ask for! ($25) Enroll!


A nonprofit sustains itself using internal and external resources that include an effective Board of Directors, a reliable group of volunteers, and community collaborations.  These sustainability webinars were designed to help nonprofit founders, Board of Directors, and leaders discover how to plan and implement sustainability measure that will help them for years to come. 

Each webinar has been pre-recorded and is unique in its own way, offering you tools that you can use immediately to begin your journey to income and sustainability.  You’ll also have 1-year access once you have enrolled!

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Nonprofit Sustainability

Webinar Descriptions

Select a webinar from the list below. Receive 1-year access to the webinar you enroll in!

Learn how to establish a committed and supportive Board of Directors. This webinar covers board member roles, understanding the board’s collective and individual fiduciary responsibilities, identifying resources for support, key questions to ask before joining a board, and the time commitment involved with being a board member. ($25) Enroll!

Learn how to find and retain volunteers.  Also explore roles that volunteers can take on within your charitable program; how to mitigate legal issues surrounding volunteers, and finally how to value and retain volunteers. ($25) Enroll!

Learn the cost associated with fraud;  why nonprofits, especially small nonprofits are vulnerable to fraud;  which types of fraud Nonprofits are (particularly) vulnerable to; the most common fraud schemes;  which internal control policies can and should be established immediately; what to look for when monitoring for fraud; and which resources are available right now to expand your knowledge on internal controls.  ($45) Enroll!

Learn about many essential resources and software opportunities that are definitely worth looking into (many are totally off the radar for most nonprofits)! You’ll also gain a good understanding of resources designed to improve the organization’s website and presentations; resources for searching for grants using open source and other free grant databases; resources that are available to support your nonprofit; resources that are available to train your nonprofit board, staff, and volunteers.  ($10) Enroll!

Learn which budgets are commonly used by nonprofit organizations, and why. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the difference between a budget and financial statements. Understand the difference between direct and indirect costs, and how the budget is organized (with examples)! (25) Enroll!

“Measuring What Matters” webinar workshop that offers a crash course in the Theory of Change methodology where you’ll learn to create  a logic models to describe and measure your programs and impact.  Logic models are multi-purpose – in that their contents can be pulled out and used in funding applications and they also serve as visual roadmaps that organizations can share with their internal and external stakeholders.  ($45) Enroll!

Charity organizations develop community partnerships everyday.  Although partnerships can bring lots of rewarding opportunities, there are very specific considerations that should be in place before any partnership commences.  View this webinar and learn how to develop partnership agreements! ($45) Enroll

Most small nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations are required to file and annual IRS 990-N even if you earned $0 (zero dollars). Community Heroes has partnered with an authorized tax preparer to insure small nonprofits have access to IRS 990-N filing that is handled at a low (or no cost), and in a professional and timely manner.   We’ll e-file this IRS information return for any small public charity ~ anywhere in the U.S.  Our fee is $0 – $90.  Learn More!

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