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About the Newsletter

Things We do   

Our team dedicates many hours each week researching grants in 9 core areas including:  Arts & Culture, Community & Economic Development, Education, Human Services, Social Justice/Advocacy and Faith-Based.  We do this work because we understand that your success depends on adequate funding.  You improve our communities.  You invest your time, energy, and compassion for the children and families that you serve.  So, we want to keep you informed of the latest funding opportunities. It is our hope that you secure the funding you need so that your program thrives!

Things We Don’t Do  

We do not control actual funding from other grant-makers, or the other grant-making foundation’s website, application process, or online application portals. If you experience technical difficulties with submitting your grant application to any funder listed in our funding alerts, you will need to contact the grant-making foundation directly.  We will always provide each foundation’s contact information which can be used to assist you in getting specific questions answered or resolving technical issues when submitting  your application, proposals, or required documentation.

Our Core Areas

Examples provided are non-inclusive, and in no way represents all possible fundable categories.

Arts & Culture

Artists, lyricists & musicians, writers, theater, and composers


Animal rescue, adoption and protection


Workforce development, financial literacy, neighborhood revitalization


Youth programs, STEM, mentoring &  tutoring, early education, K-12


Land conservation, sustainability of resources.


Places of worship, various dominations, ministries, outreach and missions


General health and wellness, mental health, dental emergent care, diet and nutrition

Human Services

Hunger relief, homelessness, poverty, victims of crime, disaster relief, disabled, elderly, youth, children and families

Social Justice

Racial equality, economic justice human rights and social change for those affected by injustice and discrimination based upon their age, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation

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