Community Heroes Pathways

What are Community Heroes Pathways?

Community Heroes Pathways (“Pathways”) offer a range of e-learning webinars and activities, which allow you to build knowledge progressively.

Each Pathway is structured with connected e-learning webinars and activities that enable our members to discover new ideas, pursue their interests, and develop their skills as nonprofit leaders. 

Best of all, pathways include access to a network of mentors and innovative engagement opportunities which enable you to follow a pathway, receive live coaching, network with others in the group, and develop new skills along the way!

Each pathway course is designed to prepare you for the next level of understanding. They are organized around a sequence of webinars and activities that will help you master the concept in attainable and incremental steps towards higher levels of understanding. 

Pathways are wonderful because they also provide new and emerging nonprofit leaders with more clarity and structure in specific areas of the nonprofit sector. 

No more surfing the web for scattered information.  Finally, get the information and assistance that you’ve been looking for  –  in one centralized place!

You Have 3 Great Paths!

As an Academy member, you’ll have access to ALL On-Demand e-learning webinars and materials. You can access On-Demand webinars anytime, day or night!  The Pathways are just an added benefit that will help you to stay focused on your goal; and, and we want to help you do that in 90 days!

NEO Path

NEO (New and Emerging Organizations):  This Pathway is recommended for anyone considering starting a nonprofit or for newly formed nonprofits that are under a year old.

NEO lessons include...


P2P (Path to Profit):  This Pathway is recommended for nonprofit leaders that are centrally focused on positioning their small to mid-sized organization for funding within the next 90 days.

P2P lessons include...

"BEST" Path

“BEST” (Business Enhancement through Support and Training).  This Pathway combines the best of the NEO and P2P Pathways, with a focus on starting,  sustaining, and funding a nonprofit.

"BEST" lessons include...

All Pathways include the following...

LIVE Support

Do it Yourself

Funding Opportunities

It’s not too late to learn everything you wish you learned one year ago. Today is a new day!

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