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Community Heroes Pathways Overview

“NEO” is an acronym for “New and Emerging (nonprofit) Organizations.”

Community Heroes Pathways (“Pathways”) offer a range of e-learning webinars and activities, which allow you to build knowledge progressively. Each Pathway is structured with connected e-learning webinars and activities that will enable you to discover new ideas, pursue your interests, and develop your skills as a nonprofit leader.  

Each pathway lesson is designed to prepare you for the next level of understanding. The NEO Pathway includes a sequence of webinars and workbook activities that will help you master concepts in attainable and incremental steps leading you towards higher levels of understanding. 

Pathways are wonderful because they also provide new and emerging nonprofit leaders with more clarity and structure in specific areas of the nonprofit sector.  This is critical information that is finally available in one centralized place!

  1. Pathways are designed to help you increase your knowledge and understanding of a topic over the course of 12 weeks. During this time, you’ll engage in Pathway lessons at your own pace.
  2. It will take approximately 22 hours to complete a Pathway.
  3. The NEO Pathway has 8 webinars that are instructive and informational videos lessons.  There is also  a 4-week- bundle of self-paced easy reading lessons.
  4. Instructive videos include a downloadable PDF workbook with activities to help you expand your understanding of the topic(s) covered.
  5. We encourage you to attend Community Cafes on Wednesdays. The Café is where you will receive most or all of your Q&A coaching.  Community Cafes are LIVE coaching sessions where our experts answer questions regarding any of our lessons.  You’re likely to also receive feedback from fellow nonprofit leaders in our private Facebook group too.

What You'll Learn...

Who is the NEO Pathway for?

The NEO Pathway is recommended for anyone considering starting a nonprofit or for newly formed nonprofit leaders who are leading a charitable organization that is newly established.

Learning Path

You’ll learn the 5 categories that the greatest nonprofits have mastered and how to master them for your organization too.

Video 1 hour 13 minutes

You’ll learn the 16 critical activities that should happen within your first 12 months of becoming a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Video 1 hour 18 minutes

You’ll learn the 7 steps needed to form a nonprofit and what to do right after you have obtained your IRS Determination Letter.

Video 1 hour 51 minutes

You’ll learn the difference between a mission and a vision statement, how long your mission statement should be, and (specifically) what to include in your 1-sentence statement.

Video 21 minutes 47 seconds

You’ll learn the 4 concepts that all public charities must understand and the 4 activities that all public charities should avoid.

Video 29 minutes and 23 seconds

We’ll use the actual IRS 1023-EZ application to walk you step-by-step on how to complete the application.  Includes tons of examples and extra information that many people will not typically share!

Video 1 hour 17 minutes

You’ll learn what each board role is responsible for, how the nonprofit organization chart should be organized, what the nonprofit legal duties are called, how to embrace these duties, and much more!

Video 1 hour 10 minutes

You’ll learn how to plan an effective volunteer recruitment strategy and where to find volunteers. You’ll become familiar with voluntarism laws, and how to establish policies of practice that protect the volunteer and the organization

Video 1 hour 7 minutes

In these e-learning documents, you’ll learn common expectations of effective boards, how to conduct a board meeting, how to select an Executive Director, and the importance of succession planning

Time: 30 minutes to read to complete

In these e-learning documents, you’ll learn about state and federal compliance requirements that most nonprofit organizations must abide by including IRS 990 filing and public disclosures.

Time: 1 hour to read to complete

In these e-learning documents, you’ll improve your understanding of — and ability to manage — the financial landscape for your organization. This lesson also course covers very practical issues and challenges in nonprofit finance and includes essential budget and financial lessons to help you become familiar with these important documents.


Time: 45 minutes to read to complete

In these e-learning documents, you’ll  learn what the 4 “Must Have” planning documents are for every nonprofit.  You’ll understand where to locate grant-makers; how to handle grantors that do not accept unsolicited grant request and why grant-applications are declined.


Time: 30 minutes to read to complete

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