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Overview of Academy Pathways

“P2P” is an acronym for “Path to Profit.”

Community Heroes Pathways (“Pathways”) offer a range of e-learning webinars and activities, which allow you to build knowledge progressively. Each Pathway is structured with connected e-learning webinars and activities that will enable you to discover new ideas, pursue your interests, and develop your skills as a nonprofit leader.  

Each pathway lesson is designed to prepare you for the next level of understanding. The P2P Pathway includes a sequence of webinars and workbook activities that will help you master concepts in attainable and incremental steps leading you towards higher levels of understanding. 

Pathways are wonderful because they also provide new and emerging nonprofit leaders with more clarity and structure in specific areas of the nonprofit sector.  This is critical information that is finally available in one centralized place!

  1. Pathways are designed to help you increase your knowledge and understanding of a topic over the course of 12 weeks. During this time, you’ll engage in Pathway lessons at your own pace.
  2. It will take approximately 22 hours to complete a Pathway.
  3. The “P2P” Pathway has 12 webinar lessons that are instructive and informational video lessons.  Eight of these lessons are apart of a Masterclass called: How to Write a Persuasive Letter of Inquiry.” This masterclass is a high level learning opportunity that is usually only offered 2x per year.
  4. Instructive videos include a downloadable PDF workbook with activities to help you expand your understanding of the topic(s) covered.
  5. We encourage you to attend Community Cafes on Wednesdays. The Café is where you will receive most or all of your Q&A coaching.  Community Cafes are LIVE coaching sessions where our experts answer questions regarding any of our lessons.  You’re likely to also receive feedback from fellow nonprofit leaders in our private Facebook group too.

What you'll learn...

Who is the P2P Pathway for?

This P2P Pathway is recommended for nonprofit leaders that are centrally focused on positioning their small to mid-sized organization for funding.

p2p Learning Path

You’ll learn the 5 categories that the greatest nonprofits have mastered and how to master them for your organization too.

Video 1 hour 13 minutes

You’ll learn the 16 critical activities that should happen within your first 12 months of becoming a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Video 1 hour 18 minutes

You’ll learn what funders look for when reviewing your funding request and which productive activities produce positive results over a 90-day period.

Video 51 minutes

In this “Zero-Fluff” lesson, you’ll receive very specific guidance for completing a solid grant proposal, including how to complete the Statement of Need, Project Description, SMART Goals, Evaluation and Sustainability section, and the Budget.  Your proposal serves as your template for grant-applications. EVERY nonprofit should develop one!

Video 1 hour 17 minutes

This is a crash course in the Theory of Change methodology where you’ll learn to create a logic model (for your organization) as a means of describing and measuring your program. This is super useful for completing funding applications!  

Video 47 minutes and 7 seconds

You’ll learn about 21 unique methods for funding your nonprofit including grants, social enterprise, bartering, bequests, government funding and more!

Video 1 hour 23 minutes

You’ll learn how to use the 80/20 principle and the 15/15/30 strategy to develop a fundraising plan designed to generate unrestricted income – quickly!

Video 35 minutes

In this first session, you’ll learn: Elements of an effective LOI, (2) letter format & etiquette, (3) what’s included in the LOI document, (4) connecting the dots in your LOI, and (5) how to write like you mean it.

Video 40:55 min  + 40 min assignments.  Total time to complete is 1: 21 hours.

In this second session, you’ll learn about: (1) being persuasive, (2) problem solving, (3) planning and organizing, (4) communication skills, (5) conducting research, and (6) completing a solid project description.

Video 40 min  + 55 min assignments.  Total time to complete is 1:35 hours.

In this first session, you’ll learn: (1) how to complete a funding request, (2) how to complete a budget for an LOI, (3) how to a “use of funds” statement, and (4) how to write a concluding statement.

Video 18:41 min  + 55 min assignments.  Total time to complete is 1:14 hours.

In this fourth and final Masterclass session, you’ll learn: (1) which supporting documents to include with your LOI, (2) how to research funders, (3) how to handle “Unsolicited Grant Request,” (4) how to determine mission alignment, (5) how to research funders, and (6) what to expect when you submit an LOI to a potential funder.

Video 27 min  + 30 min assignments.  Total time to complete is 57 minutes.

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