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Express Proposals are funding application documents designed to help small nonprofit organizations quickly apply for grants as they become available.

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Now, more than ever, nonprofit organizations need to invest in their missions by generating funding that will equip them with the resources they need to thrive in a transforming world.

Express Proposals are a set of grant-request documents that are already researched and written based on cause areas. These forms are a fast and simple way for you to apply for grants that will help you respond to emerging needs in their community.

Express Proposals are ideal for small grants or for just-in-time funding opportunities with little or no waiting periods between grant cycles. Express Proposals is our fastest path to funding, enhanced with additional documents that are traditionally needed when applying for grant funding.

Express Proposals include the following documents that are ready to use once you fill in your organization’s basic information:

  • Letter of Inquiry (2 pages):You will receive a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) that has already been researched and drafted based on your selected cause area. An LOI is a 2-page mini-proposal document that is used to seek funding. It includes an opening paragraph, about us, what we do, why we do this, who we help, our goals, funding request, and concluding paragraph. Some funders require the LOI as the sole funding application from which they will make their funding decisions. Other funders use the LOI as a first step to quickly determine if there is mission alignment. If the funder is interested in learning more about your organization, they may invite you to complete a full application or submit a full proposal; after which, the potential funder will decide whether to award the requested funds or not.
  • Budget (2 pages):  You will receive an organizational and program budget for your selected cause area. Budgets are an important part of every funding request. This document shows potential funders that you have given serious consideration to the projected cost associated with delivering your program services, and what expenses are necessary to implement or continue your program services.
  • Board List (1-2 pages): You will receive this a standard document with an opening statement, followed by a sample list of board members and affiliations. This document is already properly formatted for you.
  • Non-Discrimination Policy: You will receive a non-discrimination policy which provides clarity to employees and volunteers on acceptable behavior and ensures compliance with (local) laws and regulations to help to reduce bias.
  • Grant List (about 10 pages): Reaching annual funding goals happen sooner for organizations that have a plan. For this reason, you will receive a list of 10 foundations that nonprofits within your selected cause area. Your list will contain opportunities to apply for funding using a LOI and opportunities where you will apply using the funders online grant application process. These funding opportunities were selected based on the funder’s priorities listed on their website, IRS 990PF, or funding history. Be sure to apply for all of them, as funders may change this criterion at any time!
Page Count

about 15-18 pages

File Size

25 MB

Required Software

Word Processing Software (Examples: MS Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc.), PDF Viewer (Examples: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Preview, Foxit Reader, etc.)

File Format

Microsoft Word.doc and PDF documents compressed into one zip file.

Cause Area

Child Welfare, Community Center, Domestic Violence, Education, Entrepreneurship / Small Business, Faith-Based, Financial Literacy, Food Pantry, Health and Wellness, Homelessness, Immigration & Refugee, International Proposals, Re-Entry Programs, Single Parents, Special Needs, Substance Abuse, Transportation, Veterans, Workforce Development, Youth Mentoring

Specific Cause Area

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Addiction Recovery Services, Child Care Center, Community Center, Community Food Pantry, Dental Care Program, Domestic Violence, Financial Literacy Program, Food for Thought Youth Mentoring Program, Food Pantry Distributor, Foster Care Placement and Licensing Program, From Adolescence to Adulthood, General Transportation Services, General Youth Mentoring, Girls Health and Wellness Program, Healthcare Assistance Program, HIV/AIDS Program, Homeless Housing – Re-Entry Disabled Ex-Offenders, Homeless Housing – Youth Services, Homeless Housing (Permanent Supportive Housing), Homeless Housing (Tiny Homes), Homeless Housing (Transitional Housing Services), Homeless Housing for Disabled Adults, Homeless Housing for Men, Homeless Housing for Veterans, Homeless Housing for Women, Homeless Housing for Women, Homelessness Prevention Single Parents, Immigrant Naturalization Program, International Orphanage, Musical Arts Youth Mentoring, Nonprofit Vehicle Loaners, Positive Youth Development, Program for Traumatized Young Men, Re-entry Program For Men, Re-Entry Program For Women, Residential Recovery Program, Single Mother Empowerment Program, Single Parent Family Success Program, Single Parents Ending Poverty Program, STEM Children’s Educational Program, STEM College-Bound Program For At-Risk Youth, Suicide Prevention, Supporting Children with Special Needs, Teen-Mom Mentoring Program, Teens Diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Trauma Recovery Program, Veteran and Youth Mentoring Program, Veterans Transportation Program, Women Entrepreneurs Program, Women’s Diversion Program, Workforce and Community Development Program, Workforce Development for Foster Care Youth, Workplace Leadership Training Program, Young Filmmakers Program, Youth Entrepreneurs Program, Youth Global Citizen Program, Youth Sports – Baseball Program, Youth Sports – Basketball Program, Youth Sports/STEM Gateway Program, Youth Technology Training Program, Zumba Dance & Fitness Program

Refund Policy

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Express Proposal
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