Great Nonprofits Invest in Growth

Growth is an Investment

Invest in Growth

A nonprofit is first and foremost a “business.” Every business must make investments of time and money in order to thrive. Even if you have the good fortune of using “other people’s money,” you will most certainly use a fair amount of your own time. So, your question to yourself, your board, and your leadership team should be: “What is the best use of our time and resources?”

The good news is, there are several ways in which a nonprofit can make organizational investments that yield positive results. And, it’s perfectly acceptable to focus on investments of time and resources that are known to yield the greatest return on investment (ROI). This might include learning new skills, or acquiring new (hired) help, resources, and tools so that you can meet your fundraising goals and keep your organization humming along.

As you go through this lesson, keep an eye out for resources and tools that you can implement this month to support your organizational mission and goals.

This lesson covers:

  • Success activities.
  • Where to spend your time.
  • Where to spend your money.
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