Great Nonprofits Have a Clear Purpose

Clarity of Purpose

Every nonprofit is on a mission. Your mission is the reason for your nonprofit’s existence, and it should be communicated by word and by deed everyday. The nonprofit mission statement is how your organization tells the world why it exists, whom it serves, and (often times) how it serves them. So, it goes without saying that each nonprofit must have clarity of purpose.

Rather than attempt to serve all people, with any need in any location, your nonprofit leadership team must give careful consideration to the grand purpose and chief aim of the organization. Then, with your true benefactors in mind, develop a mission statement that is clear and well-focused. Keep in mind that every program, goal, and budget line item will be a derivative of your mission.

This lesson covers:

  • What it means to fill a gap in services
  • The importance of developing a clear mission statement
  • How to determine your target population

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