Charitable Funding

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso

Get Ready for Funding!

There are over 1.7 million nonprofit organizations in the United States, and the IRS approves tax-exemption for more than 6,000 new entities every month.  Although the rapid growth of nonprofits has been good for our economy overall, this growth has meant more competition for funding within the sector.  With this understanding, our aim is to help those entering the nonprofit sector, as well as smaller organizations that haven’t reached their funding goals to position themselves for funding and sustainability.

There are multiple ways to achieve your funding goals.

Heroes Award

We are committed to improving social good by helping individuals, groups, and organizations that are out there, on the ground, doing the hard work, reaching those in need, and changing the world around you in a positive way. The Heroes Award is  sponsorship funding of up to $1,000 that our members may apply for each month.  This funding may be used to start or continue your charitable project. You do not need to be a nonprofit organization to apply!

Training Webinars

Your nonprofit organization is a business that needs funding to thrive.  There are multiple ways to fund a charitable program.  Join us for LIVE or On-Demand Training webinars such as “The Art of Grant Writing,” or “21 Ways to Fund a Nonprofit.”  During these trainings, we explore several funding models along with the pros and cons for each model.  

Academy members, join us for LIVE tutorials for grant-writing, where we provide hands on guidance as you develop a proposal template that (with a little tweaking), you can use over and over!

Community Heroes Newsletter

Each month, we email the Community Heroes Newsletter to our members.  Newsletters have funding alerts from international, national, regional, and government funders.  We’ll tell you who’s funding, along with the funding priority, deadline, amount, and how to learn more and apply. Sign up now.  It’s free!

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