Starting a Nonprofit

We can help you start your nonprofit organization with confidence, by preparing all of your required documents – OR – we can help you do this for yourself!

Why start a nonprofit?

Starting a nonprofit can be a wonderful experience for any new founder and board. When you join the nonprofit sector, you are joining a group of people who also want to improve the world in one way or another. There are also many benefits to legally forming a nonprofit, including potential 501(c)(3) tax-exemption, tax breaks, asset protection, eligibility for grants, and support from volunteers.

Let's work together!

Starting a nonprofit requires legal documents that include your Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws. If you are considering applying for 501(c)(3) tax exemption, there are additional steps such as including the IRS language in your Articles of Incorporation, applying for your EIN, and completing the application for tax-exemption.
We can help by completing your required state incorporation paperwork along with completing your IRS 1023-EZ Streamlined Application for Tax-Exemption. Best of all, this is not an automated process! We are real people who are prepared to have a real conversation with you prior to getting started so that you can ask your pressing questions and receive clear answers!
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Want to DIY? We’ll show you how

There are specific requirements for starting a nonprofit (tax exempt) organization in every state. Learn what is required of you to start a nonprofit – and – remain compliant. We offer training for anyone considering starting a nonprofit and looking for a realistic overview of the process and what will be required. We also offer an IRS 1023-EZ application tutorial for those who are ready to apply for 501(c)(3) status right now!

Would you like to start AND position your nonprofit for funding?

The Community Heroes Academy offers the best of DIY tools, plus expert guidance to do just that!
The Community Heroes Academy was developed out of an urgent need to support the pre-startup, newly formed, and small nonprofit founders and board members. Your first few years as a nonprofit organization can be challenging without proper guidance and support.
Most nonprofit founders are not independently wealthy. Instead, if you are like most of the founders that we’ve worked with, you are likely exploring options to leave your current job (or you have already left), and you are looking for an affordable way to learn what you need to learn so that you can get funded and further your mission.


Here’s where we can help!

We help nonprofit founders anywhere in the United States form their 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We also provide your forms and consult with you on what to do after you’re approved! You’ll also gain access to our Academy once your nonprofit is formed.

More Questions?

Call us (Toll Free) +1-800-446-0323 or use the form below to start a conversation and we will follow up with you!

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