Referral Program

Promote the Community Heroes Academy Program.  Get paid for referrals that lead to memberships.  It’s that easy.

How it works

When you refer individuals that join our Academy, you BOTH win!   
$$$  We’ll pay you $50 for the referral, and we’ll discount your referee’s membership fee by $50$$$

Become our Referral Partner

It’s free to join and get started. We’ll just need a signed referral agreement, an IRS W9 and a copy of a valid drivers license to get started!

Promote our Academy

Share Community Heroes Academy benefits with your network. 

Start Earning

Earn the moment your referral converts into a Community Heroes Academy Member. 

Get in touch

For questions regarding the Community Heroes Affiliate Referral Program, please contact us! Our office hours are Monday – Thursday from 10:00am to 6:00pm EST.

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